Commit 50468f77 authored by Jun Matsushita's avatar Jun Matsushita

Initial watch agent architecture proposal #11

parent 1a17dd3e
## watch_policy
1. watch_policy receives GET to fetch policy? or watchs periodically?
2. watch_policy sends GET policy (ie. GET
(where is the configuration for the urls to retrieve?)
## fetch_policy
1. fetch_policy receives GET request to retrieve html policy
2. fetch_policy sends GET policy to website policy (ie. GET
3. fetch_policy stores policy html in fs (ie. policies/theguardianproject/chatsecure/privacy_sha.html)
4. fetch_policy sends GET policy to analize_policy (ie. GET
## analize_policy
1. analyze_policy receives GET policy
2. analize_policy look if the sha of the html file is in the store (ie. policies/theguardianproject/chatsecure/privacy_sha.html)
3. if html different, analize_policy converts html to markdown (policies/theguardianproject/chatsecure/
4. // send HTTP GET last markdown to Couchdb (ie. GET
5. // compare markdown with last_markdown
6. if there are changes, analize_policy send POST markdown to Couchdb (ie. POST
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